Avengers Analysis – The Feminist Evolution from ‘Iron Man’ to ‘Avengers: Endgame’: Doctor Strange & Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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Doctor Strange

Sophistication of Story: Doctor Strange is an old story-telling trope put into the Marvel Universe. A man goes to the Far East in search of mystical powers.

Contribution to the Overall Avengers Storyline: It introduces the Time Stone, which we will later learn is one of the most significant stones, as well as the idea of wizards on Earth.

Infinity Stones: The Time Stone, which Doctor Strange becomes the safekeeper of.

Villain: Dormammu and Kaecilius are the two villains, and it is not one of the MCU’s most straightforward bad guy situations.

Feminist Level: Doctor Strange only has two female characters, one of which is whitewashed casting, and the other is so flimsy I can’t recall her name.

Does it pass the Bechdel test?: No

Does it pass the Race Bechdel Test?: No

Ratio of Male:Female Characters:

Male: (5)

Stephen Strange




Jonathan Pangborn

Female: (2)

Ancient One

Christine Palmer

-2 for their being more than double the number of male characters to female characters

-4 for Rachel McAdams having absolutely nothing to do

-4 for changing the race of the Ancient One (Michelle Yeoh anyone?)

Total: -5/10

Is it worth watching: Yes, it is entertaining even though it could use some editing, but more importantly it sets up the character of Doctor Strange who will play a major role in later films. However, don’t look for feminism in the film.


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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Sophistication of Story: There really isn’t a strong linear plot, or even non-linear plot, in GotG Vol. 2. It’s a bunch of explosions surrounding things like baby Groot dancing (which is delightful) and Rocket stealing a glass eye (and batteries, don’t forget the batteries). Ostensibly it is the story of Peter’s origins, as he learns his father is a Celestial, but that is the least interesting part of the film.

Contribution to the Overall Avengers Storyline: Missing this film would not affect your overall understanding of the Avengers. The only thing you will really carry from it is how Groot progresses to being a teenager in Infinity War and the introduction of the character Mantis.

Infinity Stones: None

Villain: Ego

Feminist Level: This film features few female characters. Out of the female characters that are in the film, most of them are very flimsy.

Does It Pass the Bechdel Test?: Yes

Ratio of Male:Female Characters:

Male: (6)

Peter Quill


Baby Groot




Female: (4)





+1 for Ayesha being a queen

+2 Gamora saves Drax

+2 Gamora and Mantis do the most to defeat Ego

-2 none of the female characters really have their own storylines, and instead all function within the storyline of the male characters

-1 Drax tells Mantis that she’s hideous and she ends up saying she’s grateful that she’s hideous

-1 Most of the interactions between female characters are hostile

-1 Nebula blames Gamora for the violence that Thanos committed against her

Total: 5/10

Is it worth watching: If you are a fan of the first GotG film, you’ll probably want to watch it, but overall this is probably the most missable film in the Marvel universe to this point, and missing it won’t affect your understanding of the next film.


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