Supernatural Recap – Season 3 – Episode 3 – Bad Day at Black Rock


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Supernatural – Season 3 – Episode 3

Bad Day at Black Rock

The episode opens with a man visiting Gordon in prison, telling him that the Devil’s Gate was opened. Gordon asks if the Winchester’s were there. The man tells him they were there with Bobby Singer, but they were there to stop it. Gordon is insisting to the man, Kubrick, that Sam Winchester is evil and must die.

Important Moments:

Sam and Dean are arguing in the car. Dean is mad that Sam didn’t immediately send Ruby packing. Sam makes the argument that they should use Ruby for information because they can get more information from her than they would ever get on their own.


While they are talking, a phone starts ringing. Dean says it’s their father’s phone in the glove compartment. Dean keeps it charged in case any of his old contacts call. After Sam gets off the phone, he tells Dean that their father kept a storage container outside of Buffalo, and someone just broke into it.

Meanwhile, Kubrick decides he believes Gordon and has decided to go after Sam.

The brothers go to the storage unit, which has protection from demons and blood on the floor. They find some old stuff from their childhood and have a moment of nostalgia before exploring the rest of the unit. Then they find that there are land mines and such in the unit and that stuff wasn’t taken, but there are cursed boxes, Pandora’s Box-style, that are protected, but one is missing.

We then see the men who stole the box. They break it open and all it contains is a rabbit’s foot. They are grumbling about it, but as Sam and Dean approach their apartment, one of the guys who is playing poker is saying that he can’t lose. Clearly, the rabbit’s foot has magical powers.

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Sam calls Bobby and finds out that you get a great run of good luck but after you loose the rabbit’s foot, you die. Dean has meanwhile gotten up to $15,000 in lottery tickets. Sam does the research on the rabbit’s foot and finds that it’s hoodoo. While they’re eating, the waitress pickpockets the rabbit’s foot from Sam.


The brothers go back to the apartment to find out who hired the guys to steal the rabbit’s foot.

Bobby calls Dean to let him know that he found a cleansing ritual to fix the rabbit foot curse. Dean tells Bobby that Sam lost the foot.

After finding out the name of the woman who took it, Dean goes to New York to find Bela. He leaves Sam in the same motel room they always stay in and drives to find Bella, who is about to take off in a plane.

Kubrick tells Sam he used to think that Gordon sent him, but now he knows that he’s on a mission from God.

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After Dean gets the rabbit’s foot and they are about to destroy it, Bela shows up and holds them at gunpoint. She tells Dean that while she can’t hit him, she can’t miss Sam. Dean throws the rabbit’s foot to her fast, causing her to catch it reflexively, requiring her to have to participate in the cleansing ritual as well. As she is leaving, she steals the lottery tickets from Dean’s jacket.


Best Moments:

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Once Sam loses the rabbit’s foot, he starts tripping over everything. Then, when Dean is on the phone with Bobby, Sam is struggling to get gum off of his shoe and manages to drop his shoe into the sewer. The look on both Sam and Dean’s face is hilarious.

While Dean and Bela are in a stand off debating the nobility of thievery versus hunting, Dean managed to steal the rabbit’s foot back. Bela tries to shoot him point blank, but since he touched it, the bullets just bounce off the walls of her apartment.

Action Moments:

Sam and Dean get into a fight with the guys who stole the box from John’s storage unit when Dean attacks one of them for opening it. The fight goes drastically in the thieves’ favor until Sam grabs the rabbit’s foot, at which point, the tables turn and it is drastically in the brother’s favor.

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Sam tries to fix the air conditioner and instead manages to set his sleeve on fire. As he tries to put it out using the curtain, he somehow knocks himself unconscious on the floor, tearing the curtain down, when Kubrick and his partner are standing right outside the window. Sam wakes up duct taped to a chair.

As the bad guys are about to shoot Sam, Dean walks in and takes them out with a pen and a remote control.

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Funniest Moments:

When Sam and Dean are fighting with the guys in the apartment who took the rabbit’s foot, the luck the guys have makes Sam and Dean gets their asses kicked in a situation where they would normally be able to take the guys down with no problem, creating a fight that is somewhat comedic and a little comic book-like. After Sam gets the rabbits foot, the two thieves accidentally knock themselves unconscious.

Dean buys scratch off lottery tickets since Sam is getting lucky from the rabbit’s foot. He wins $1,200.

Grossest Moment:

Grossman, the previous guy who had the rabbit’s foot, accidentally kills himself by tripping on a beer bottle and falling onto a BBQ fork. (Who puts a BBQ fork upside down in the dish rack?)

Character Introduction:

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“Kary”, also known as Bela Talbot, steals the rabbit’s foot from Sam by pickpocketing them while posing as a waitress.

Theme/Character Development:

The episode was kind of a giant Pandora’s Box metaphor. There was also the debate regarding the morality of hunting versus stealing, and when one considers that hunting often involves stealing, it’s a very gray area. Kubrick also shows the gray area of determining who is good or evil, making snap judgments based on what is essentially nothing.

Notable Guest Stars:

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Lauren Cohan guest stars as Bela Talbot. She has also had roles on Chuck, The Vampire Diaries, and currently stars on The Walking Dead. Not too shabby.

State of the Week:

New York

This Week’s Episode – Top Character:

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This week the episode goes to Bela. I can’t help but love a character who can kick ass, has questionable morals and sometimes manages to get the drop on the Winchester brothers, but does it with a sense of humor and without holding a grudge.

Best Lines:

“Give us the box and please tell me that you didn’t-“- Dean
“Oh, they did.” – Sam

“She only gave the guy she hired a name, probably an alias or something. Luigi or something.” – Dean
“Lugosi.” – Sam
“Lugosi!” – Dean
“Lugosi? Lugosi. Oh, crap. It’s probably Bela.” – Bobby
“Bela Lugosi? That’s cute.” – Dean

“Just look out for your brother, you idjit.” – Bobby

“What?” – Dean
“I lost my shoe.” – Sam

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“I procure unique items for a select clientele.” – Bela
“Yeah, a thief.” – Dean
“No, a great thief.” – Bela

“Being a hunter is so much more noble? A bunch of obsessed, revenge-driven sociopaths trying to save a world that can’t be saved.” – Bela
“Well, aren’t you a glass half full.” – Dean
“We’re all going to hell, Dean. Might as well enjoy the ride.” – Bela

“You’re not the only one with sticky fingers. If it’s any consolation, I think you’re a truly awful person.” – Dean

“I’m Batman.” – Dean

“Relax, it’s a shoulder hit. I can aim. Besides, who here hasn’t shot a few people?” – Bela

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Image Credit: CW
Image Credit: CW


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