Supernatural – Season 2 – Episode 15 – Tall Tales

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Tall Tales – Season 2 – Episode 15

The episode opens with a girl asking a professor to meet with her. He agrees and she sort of starts to seduce him but then is going to leave, when he responds. After they kiss, her face changes and it’s clear that she is long dead. Then a man is walking out of the building when the professor flies out of the window.

Important Moments:

Bobby shows up to help the brothers with the case. They heard that the college was haunted and went to investigate the death of the professor. To do that, they go undercover and interview college students. They also talk to the janitor, who witnessed the professor falling off the roof.

They tell Bobby that they talked to a student who claimed he was abducted by aliens in front of the building, Crawford Hall, where the professor died. The student says that the alien probed him over and over, but the worst part was that they made him slow dance, apparently to ‘Lady In Red’.

Even though the student’s story is ridiculous, there is a mark in the yard that matches his description of events.

Dean realizes the two victims were connected by both having reputations as ‘dicks’, as Dean describes them.

Sam insists that Dean took his computer. Bobby asks if Dean did it, and Dean says he didn’t.

There is a third victim, also with a reputation as a dick, and after he is killed, the brothers break into the morgue. The dead guy, who was a research professor, is in a box. All that is left of him is a hand and what could be an arm or leg. Sam looks at it closely and says it looks like an alligator killed the man. They call Bobby for help.

Dean then finds his car with two flat tires. Sam’s money clip, complete with initials and his money still in it, is lying on the road next to the car.




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Bobby tells them they obviously have a trickster on their hands. The brothers were his biggest clue. Tricksters create chaos and mischief, and the trickster has the brothers at each other’s throats to the point that they can’t think straight.

Bobby tells them about Loki in Scandinavia and says that they can create things out of thin air and then make them disappear. Upon finding out that they usually look human, the brothers realize it’s the janitor, who was on the scene for all the deaths.

They go back to Crawford Hall, where Sam feigns forgetting something and says he’ll catch up. He breaks into the trickster’s locker and finds a copy of Weekly World News.

Sam wants more evidence and goes to break into the janitor’s house. They have a fight in front of Crawford Hall, which the trickster sees. Dean is then supposed to wait for Sam, but of course, doesn’t. He starts walking around Crawford Hall when he hears Barry White playing. He follows the music to find a theater set up with women in lingerie that are waiting for him. Dean doesn’t go for it and the trickster shows up and says the women are a peace offering. The trickster just wants to move onto the next town. Dean stakes him.

After they leave, the trickster shows up in the theater. It turns out the body that Dean staked was itself a trick.

Action Moments:

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The trickster tells Dean that he shouldn’t have come alone and Dean agrees. At that moment, the doors of the theater open and Sam and Bobby come in with stakes. The fight was faked. The trickster than conjures what looks like Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, who attacks Sam with a chainsaw. Dean starts fighting with the women in lingerie. Dean gets thrown around quite a bit, and eventually Sam gets a stake to Dean who is able to stake the trickster.

Funniest Moments:

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Sam and Dean both tell Bobby the story of investigating the case so far, and both of them give very different accounts. In Dean’s account, the girl he is talking to says ridiculous things about how attractive he is that are clearly not true. In both versions of the story, they make the other one sound ridiculous.

Dean caused Sam’s computer to get a virus by looking at Internet porn.

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Dean’s description of the way Sam talked to another student is hilarious, complete with hugs and Sam telling him, “You’re too precious for this world”.

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The brothers end up in a fistfight on the bed like small children, at which point Bobby tells them to stop telling the story because he’s heard enough.

Family Moments/Arguments:

The brothers spend this entire episode bickering with each other over ridiculous things.

As they are getting in the car to leave, Sam starts to apologize, but can’t quite get the words out. Dean just says ‘me too’.

Character Introductions:

This is the first episode with the Trickster.

Impersonation of the Week:

The brothers pose as local journalists to interview college students about the professor’s suicide.

Food Moments:

Dean is eating chicken wings on Sam’s bed. This annoys Sam.

Dean is drinking something called ‘purple nurples’.

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Dean is eating what looks like caramels from a candy dish.


State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“Well, if no one lives to tell the tale, then how does the tale get told?” – Curtis

“They’re both dicks.” – Dean
“That’s a connection?” – Sam

“Just because he reads the Weekly World News doesn’t mean he’s our guy. You read it, too.” – Sam

“You guys are breaking my heart. Could we please just leave?” – Bobby

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